Untold Entertainment Inc.

Untold Entertainment creates fantastically fun interactive experiences for players of all ages. We are a boutique game development studio based in downtown Toronto. Untold Entertainment produces and develops non-violent, imaginative games in a variety of visual styles, with a unique emphasis on humour and storytelling. Untold helps move you from "We need a game" to "We have a game" through our process that has been industry-proven for over thirteen years.

If you are looking for the personal portfolio of Untold's founder, visit www.ryancreighton.com.

About Our Team

Ryan Henson Creighton

Ryan has been working in the online entertainment industry since early 2000. As Senior Game Developer for Corus Entertainment, he created a large stable of over fifty games and applications for kids, primarily on YTV.com. Since founding Untold Entertainment Inc. in 2007, Ryan has continued developing games for broadcasters, advertising agencies and education centres, with an ever-evolving stable of talented artists, animators and programmers. Ryan is the author of the Unity 3D Game Development by Example Beginner’s Guide from Packt Publishing, and was the Vice President of the International Game Developers Association Toronto Chapter. He has presented at more than two dozen conferences and festivals, including TEDx Toronto, the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and Casual Connect in Seattle.

Work with Untold Entertainment

Untold Entertainment maintains a database of talented freelance animators, programmers, and illustrators. If you would like to be considered for a future role on an Untold Entertainment project, send us an email!

info [the at symbol] untoldentertainment.com

Please do:

  • include a link to your online portfolio (artists and animators)
  • link to playable versions of your games or software (programmers)

Please do not:

  • contact us if you are a composer or sound designer
  • attach your portfolio to your application email
  • contact Untold seeking full-time employment or relocation


A to Z Game Development
"We Need a Game"


Are you on the exciting journey from “we need a game” to “we have a game”? Let Untold Entertainment be your sherpa.

  • you involve Untold Entertainment in the brainstorming phase of your project
  • Untold writes all applicable documentation, including the Game Design Document (GDD), Technical Design Document (TDD), budget, business and marketing plans
  • Untold assembles a talented team to develop the project across Alpha, Beta and Gold delivery milestones
  • you receive the completed game or interactive product

Creative Consultation
"We Need a Plan"


If you require creative consultation, brainstorming, research, and initial project documentation, Untold Entertainment can help.

  • Untold Entertainment works directly with you and your team during the brainstorming phase
  • Untold plans, designs and documents your project
  • the resulting Game Design Document (GDD) can be included in your funding applications, as fulfilment of a development fund requirement, or as the production plan for your project

Project Exploration
"We Need a Direction"


Are you new to game development, and have no idea what a game might cost, or how different design decisions might affect a game’s budget? Untold Entertainment is glad to show you the ropes.

  • Untold Entertainment provides an in-person consultation to assess the requirements of your project
  • Untold prepares a Project Exploration Package outlining three prospective budget guidelines
  • Package includes and a relevant research section on platform and technology options, monetization models, and a State of the Industry primer for your team to consider

"We Need a Speaker"

Ryan Henson Creighton GDC 2012

Untold Entertainment President Ryan Henson Creighton has spoken at more than two dozen conferences and festivals, including TEDx Toronto, the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and Casual Connect in Seattle. Ryan is available to speak to groups from the boardroom to the conference hall, and everyone in between.

  • Team Technology Primer: Get your entire team up to speed on the latest and greatest with a thoroughly researched lunch n’ learn session, identifying impact on your business and the strategies your team can employ in response
  • Hands-On Workshop: Dive head-first into game development with half-day or day-long sessions on a variety of technologies including Unity, Flash, GameMaker, HTML 5, Twine and Scratch
  • Inspiration, Insight and Commentary: Entertain and inform your audience with a humorous, inspiring and authentic talk from one of the most creative personalities in the independent games industry today

Ryan is an engaging speaker who is able to share his knowledge in a way that reaches many different audiences, even if they’re all in the same room at the same time. He makes seemingly daunting concepts accessible, and is able to honestly discuss whether a technical solution is the right match for specific business needs. His professional approach and level of preparation for even the most casual of speaking engagements shows his dedication and enthusiasm – I’d bring him back in for another Team Technology Primer in a heartbeat.

Emilie McGinley – Director, Project Management, FUSE Marketing Group

Ryan Henson Creighton can talk. The good thing is, he also tends to know what he is talking about. For two years at Flash Gaming Summit Ryan has dazzled and entertained our audience with well-prepared sessions, including a talk on creating mobile apps. Ryan has a knack for delivering information in a way that is easy for anyone to understand, including those of us who are, let’s say, “less technical”. I would highly recommend Ryan for speaking engagements.

– Colin Cupp, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Mochi Media

Ryan demonstrated not only knowledge and skill in his area of expertise, but also a strong passion for doing (and sharing) what he does. Being a Model School for Inner Cities, many of our students are considered at-risk and face a variety of challenges and struggles in their daily lives. However, Ryan helped to excite and motivate them with the learning he brought and the opportunities he presented. Ryan has a natural way of connecting with the kids to keep them engaged and interested.

I know the students learned a lot, thanks to Ryan. I know I certainly did as well, and feel much more confident and capable teaching Scratch to other students/classes in the future.

– Naz Ahmed, Toronto District School Board

This was the best of all talks that I attended at GDC 2012. Honest and very open minded talk. Excellent speaker. I had goosebumps. Sympathetic, informative, moving. Honestly great.

– Game Developers Conference San Francisco 2012 Feedback