Summer in Smallywood


The Centre for Skills Development and Training was determined to teach the concept of essential workplace skills to young people aged 15-30. This material was usually presented in dry, static questionnaires and with printed paragraphs. The Centre asked Untold Entertainment to redevelop the material as an online game. The result is Summer in Smallywood, a sly Pokémon parody that has players vying for a promotion at a third-rate amusement park. Smallywood boasts such underwhelming attractions as The World’s Smallest Roller Coaster and the Miniature Gallery of Canada’s Largest Roadside Attractions. Thrilled with the resulting game, The Centre returned to Untold to further commission an iPad version and full voice-over for the project. Summer in Smallywood is available in French and English.

Summer in Smallywood was a great success in our classes. The students were able to progress through the game with little or no assistance from the Facilitator. They enjoyed playing the game and most completed all three sections in less than 3 hours. While they had fun, we were also able to tie the skills involved in a variety of ways to our learning objectives, including Resume Building, Accomplishment Statements, Interview Skills, How to Avoid Firing and more.
– Sandra Kenwood, Facilitator, Youth with Barriers Get-in-Gear Program

The Centre produced this deliberately over-the-top, late 80s game ad parody to promote Summer in Smallywood to educators:

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  • Executive Production – Lorna Hart
  • Production, Project Management and Dialogue – Matt Markowiak
  • Programming, Game Design and Art – Ryan Henson Creighton
  • Additional Character Design – Kelly Conley
  • Voice Recording and Editing – SYNDICATE
    • John JC Clarke
    • Jeff Moberg
    • Jordan Taylor
  • Voice Casting – Vox Talent Inc.
    • Jennifer Ward

Voice Cast

  • Player Character (male) – Julian Peter
  • Player Character (female) – Josie Balka
  • Mr. Small E. Wood – Dave Currie
  • Isabella Remus – Jennifer McDonald
  • Derek Zuckerman – Mike Pongracz
  • Justin Beaver – Cristian Gomes
  • Mr. Hunting – Al Kussin
  • Connie Spirasi – Marcia Bennett
  • Jackie Rose – Karen Kyle
  • Angry Customer – Richard Correll
  • Tall Customer – Vivian Hisey
  • Sick Customer – Matt Diamond
  • Mrs. Bitterhausen – Cynthia West
  • Intro Narrator – Ryan Henson Creighton