Man vs. Beast


Punch out a six foot fish. Untold Entertainment doesn’t usually create violent games, but when Target Marketing wanted a fun, silly banner ad game extension where hunters can get punched out by a pugilistic moose, we couldn’t resist! The game is designed to appeal to older male hunting enthusiasts. Untold developed a Field & Stream-style aesthetic to catch players off-guard as they choose an animal to engage with in good old fashioned fisticuffs: a bear, moose or caribou, and in separately-targeted ads, gigantic Atlantic trout and salmon that fight with their fins!

Man vs. Beast was meant primarily to provide a positive brand experience, but it proved to be highly successful beyond engagement. It was the number one traffic-driving ad in the campaign … it was also likely the most engaging ad unit in the campaign as well.
– Ernie Brake, Account Director – Target Marketing & Communications Inc.

  • Production – Trevor Kearsey and Matt Tucker
  • Programming and Animation – Ryan Henson Creighton
  • Character Artwork – Celeste Gagnon