Jinx: Escape from Area Fitty-Two


The Jinx series of graphic adventure games was extremely popular with YTV’s tween and teen audiences. Ten years after the cliffhanger ending of the second game, YTV commissioned Untold Entertainment to create the long-awaited sequel. Packed with Untold’s signature humour, Jinx 3 features three playable characters – Jinx, Dr. Frantic, and the E.L.F. from the dystopian Christmas dimension – as they stage a daring escape from the top secret government-run compound, Area Fitty-Two.

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  • Executive Production – Caitlin O’Donovan
  • Project Management – Lianne Stewart
  • Programming, Writing, Game Design and Animation – Ryan Henson Creighton
  • Playtesting – Adam Veselisin
  • Featuring Characters Originally Created by Michael Lalonde