Escape the Book Club Killer

LockQuest presents Escape the Book Club Killer

LockQuest is a sister company to Untold Entertainment, providing video game-like experiences that take place in real life. The company’s first game, Escape the Book Club Killer, sees players trapped in the apartment of a pulp fiction-loving serial killer, with only one hour to escape. Filled with clever contraptions, well-designed puzzles, and a large dose of dark humour, Escape the Book Club Killer is the best room escape game in Toronto.

“LockQuest puts an interesting twist on the room escape genre. Cooperation is not only recommended, but essential to success. The attention to detail makes you really feel like you’re part of an immediate ongoing story. Being threatened with murder has never been this much fun!
– Andrew Afan, player

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  • Creative Director – Ryan Henson Creighton
  • Facilities Manager – Cheryl Creighton
  • Poster design – Mark Molchan
  • Modeling and voiceover – Jessica Mann
  • Printing Services – Captain Printworks
  • Metal Fabrication – Ironman