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Ponycorns Storm IndieCade 2011! Yaaaaaay!!

The news is out: the IndieCade 2011 jurors made their choices from a list of over 400 hopefuls and have put together a knock-out lineup of finalists for the festival this year, and Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure made the grade!

Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure

It’s an honour just to be nomerated.

I’ll be flying out to the event in Culver City California next month to bring sunshine, love, and high-pitched screaming to a state famous for its short days and dreary cloud cover. While there, i’ll be able to try out some of the year’s most talked-about indie titles, and i’ll get to hang out with an absolutely stellar group of independent game developers, many of whom i’ll likely have regrettable and unfortunate sex with. i’m creeping all their Facebook photos right now, trying to weed out the ugly ones.

Phil Fish of Fez

Let’s try hair down, glasses off. And lose the fez.

Also in the running are Toronto’s Capy/SuperBrothers with Sword & Sworcery, who developed the game directly across the hall from the Untold offices under our meddling eye. And you may not yet have heard of BigPants or their selected stereoscopic game The Depths to Which I Sink, but that’s another Toronto game by none other than Jim and emilie McGinley, co-founders of the weekend-long TOJam event where Cassie and i developed Ponycorns. Finally, Gamercamp co-founder Jaime Woo had his “real” game Gargoyles selected to be part of the expo.

Jaime Woo

i think *somebody’s* been testing out the Photoshop SexyFace Filter.

And it won’t just be Toronto finalists attending – there’s a whole gaggle of us from the TDot flying out, including Mathew Kumar, the indie journalist behind EXP, Shawn McGrath, who’s currently building the trippy PS3 game Dyad, and indie dev Michael Todd, who gets a front row seat to my orgiastic debauchery because we’re splitting a hotel room. This just further solidifies Toronto’s reputation as the hub of indie game development in North America, and perhaps the world.

Toronto Indies

While i’d love to bring Cassie to the event, one of the drawbacks to being an indie is that you’re constantly down at the blood bank trying to sap enough haemoglobin to make rent. i could get her a plane ticket, but then of course i wouldn’t be able to act up at IndieCade, so i’d have to bring her mom … and if i brought Cheryl, i’d have to buy a ticket for Cassie’s little sister … and if you’ve ever seen our family pack for a 2-day stay at Grandma’s, you’d know that we couldn’t stop there – we’d have to charter our own cargo plane to transport all the “necessities” that two little girls require so that the day doesn’t devolve into a competition to see who can shriek the loudest. In short, i don’t have the means.

Ask Me About Loom™

While i’ll be happy to talk Ponycorns and its upcoming Japanese translation, i feel the game has about as much press and attention as any indie title will ever get. As IndieCade fast approaches, we’re working hard on playable demos of our upcoming games, Putty Crime: On the Trail of the Foxy Badger, a puzzle game modeled entirely in clay, and Spellirium, a post-apocalyptic word puzzle adventure game.

Putty Crime: On the Trail of the Foxy Badger

Putty Crime: on the Trail of the Foxy Badger



See you at IndieCade!

Untold Entertainment Announces ‘Kahoots™’, By Jove!


Canadian game studio strives for something different

TORONTO, ON – March 17 2009 – Untold Entertainment Inc., a Canadian game studio specializing in online casual games for kids, happily announces the development of Kahoots™. Kahoots™ is a challenging game of nonsensical crime and silly intrigue, modelled entirely from plasticine.

The game is set in Londonton, a fictional and foolish vision of London England. Drawing its inspiration from British board games like Cluedo (AKA “Clue”), and absurdly humorous series like Monty Python’s Flying Circus and The League of Gentlemen, Kahoots™ immerses the player in sepia-tinged Edwardian (fake) England at the height of a crime wave. As Spotland Pond’s newest detective, the player must track down cabals of criminals, all in pursuit of the evil mastermind behind their reign of (mostly harmless) terror.

Untold Entertainment's Kahoots™ In Development: Spotland Pond HQ

A benevolent hand adjusts the Captain in the Spotland Pond HQ set

A Very Hands-On Approach

Kahoots™ is being modelled from top to bottom in plasticine. Every character, set and prop is lovingly (and squishingly) hand-crafted by the team at Untold Entertainment. The world of Londonton is being brought to life through careful photography and digital image manipulation, resulting in a seamless (but smudgy) game experience. The creators hope that the game’s clay graphics will set it apart in the unfaltering flood of casual game titles. Kahoots™ is set to launch online and on the iPhone and iPod Touch in Q2 2009.

About Untold Entertainment Inc.

Untold Entertainment is a fresh new venture formed by Toronto’s leading casual kids’ game experts. Primarily an interactive service shop catering to kids’ television production studios, Untold Entertainment is thrilled to be embarking on its first original casual game title with Kahoots™. Untold Entertainment privately owned, proudly Canadian, and seeking distribution partnership for its wonderful and wholly-owned IP, including Kahoots™. The company is also seeking strategic partnership with an equally energetic television production team.

To follow the Kahoots™ developer diary, or to learn about Unold Entertainment’s interactive services, visit http://www.untoldentertainment.com.


Worldwide Media Contact:

Ryan Henson Creighton
(416) 944-8290 x5281
info *at* untoldentertainment *dot* com


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Feast Your Eyes on Fingerprints

We’re full steam ahead on our next game, codename: Fingerprints. The game is not actually called “Codename: Fingerprints”. You see – it’s a game, and it has a real name, and the codename is Fingerprints. We can’t reveal what the game’s actual name is (note: it is NOT “Codename: Fingerprints”), but we CAN share with you this tantalizing taste to tickle whet your gamelust:

fingerprints teaser

Let’s see … what more can we say? Fingerprints is a puzzle game (but NOT a Match-3 game) with multiple modes and variations. It’s being built in plasticine, as you can see.

The game will be released for the browser in Flash initially. Then we’re porting it to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Click the fingerprints tag to keep up with progress on the game, or for the ultra secret inside track, follow our tweetage on Twitter. We’ll be announcing our alpha test phase soon, and you won’t want to miss it!

The British Were Here!

Based on the results of our recent poll, here are the six ersatz British place names we’ll use for our upcoming original casual game (codename: “Fingerprints”):

  1. Towningham
  2. East Westinghamshireham
  3. Nobswallow
  4. Flooming-on-Smimsbee
  5. Tinklesmith
  6. Vicar’s Bottom

Thanks so much to everyone who helped us out by responding! To track progress on this project, follow the Kahoots tag. We’ll be running a closed alpha in a short while, so if you’ve ever wanted a testing credit on a game, here’s your chance!