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Happy 18th Birthday, SeƱor “Hernan Felicitas”

Last year, i suggested that in the future, we’ll have to grant generational amnesty to young people as sort of a clean slate for online indiscretions. i based this on the hair-curling amount of nonsense posted online by the youth group members i worked with at my church:

Over the weekend, the Wall Street Journal interviewed Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who had similar ideas. Schmidt’s vision of the future allows all young people to change their names when they reach adulthood, as ReadWriteWeb reports:

Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Schmidt happens.

My wife and i are keenly aware that “adulthood” is on a sliding scale – a scale that is increasingly sliding towards age 30. It seems to have taken a very long time for the media to catch on to this trend that we’ve seen going on for years, but at long last, here comes the New York Times with a meaty article on the subject:

(btw, the show Big Lake that they mention off the top of the article is one of the worst teevee shows i’ve ever seen. Work that laugh track, fellas.)

And finally, to add context to this discussion, here’s a cockatiel singing Tequila:

What do YOU think? Should Spike the singing cockatiel be legally allowed to change his name to Eric Schmidt on his thirty-second birthday?