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Cake Artist

TVOntario asked us to execute their concept for a game for early elementary school-aged children to help them follow instructions, and to learn certain art terminology (colour, texture, shade/value). TVO took care of the coding, concept, script and audio, while Untold Entertainment delivered the art and design (taking our cue from TVO’s existing characters and live action set).

Cake Artist was a fun little project that demonstrates our ability to deliver on any aspect of game production. You can trust Untold with your entire project, or focus us where you need us the most.

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A Lotta Dessert

Untold Entertainment produced A Lotta Dessert, a simple patterning game for preschoolers, for TVOntario’s site.

The game design document, graphics of Lotta’s house and face, and her voiceover, were provided by TVO. Untold Entertainment produced the remaining assets and created the game based on TVO’s specifications.

UX Jr.

If you’re curious about the conventions of preschool game development, A Lotta Dessert showcases a few tricks:

  1. This is a preliterate audience. The only text in the game is the title, and absolutely everything is voiced over.
  2. There is no “play” button on the title screen. After a brief countdown, the game automatically begins.
  3. Mice are lousy input devices for preschoolers, who often struggle to use them, so the game doesn’t require any drag n’ drop actions. Everything boils down to a single click with generously-sized hotspots. (See Mouse Control for a game we developed to help small children practice using a mouse)
  4. Visual patterning is reinforced through sound.
  5. The “answer” is entered twice, to confirm comprehension (otherwise, the player could just be clicking around and “winning” coincidentally).
  6. Little-to-no chainsaw violence.

Untold Entertainment is an industry leader in preschool game development. Contact us to talk about your upcoming project.