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Eye in the Sky

We created this spot-the-differences game for Sinking Ship Entertainment’s Are We There Yet? World Adventure kids’ travel teevee show.

The Sinking Ship team wanted to evoke the feeling of playing  a fun game with your brother, sister or friend on the way to some far-flung destination.  In Eye In The Sky, you and your travel companion stare at the back of two airliner seats trying to find subtle differences.  The differences themselves are randomized across three rounds, with enough differences to spill over into multiple games to encourage repeat plays.

Train Track!

We were approached by Sinking Ship Entertainment to create an eye-spy game for their kids’ travel teevee show Are We There Yet? World Adventure.

Train Track is meant to invoke the feeling of playing a fun game en route to some exciting locale. Players look out the train window trying to spot scenery that fits into a certain category: things that are blue, things that are buildings, etc. The Sinking Ship team made a tough call on the horses and camels, deciding that they were strictly animals and not vehicles. Since the game targets young children, we decided not to make it as meta as it could have been!

Flag Tag

When Sinking Ship Entertainment wanted a game that would appeal to parents and kids for their Are We There Yet? World Adventure travel teevee show, they came to Untold Entertainment.

Working from Sinking Ship’s game designs, we created Flag Tag, a quick quiz game where players have to guess the country in which a given photo was taken. In the bonus round, players must match up country names with their flags. Flag Tag is a “lap activity” – one that the show’s viewers are likely to enjoy with the help of their parents or older siblings.

Thai Flipbook

Sinking Ship Entertainment asked us us to create a series of games to support their kids’ travel teevee show Are We There Yet? World Adventure. Untold Entertainment worked from Sinking Ship’s concept to develop this Thai flipbook activity.

Are We There Yet Thai Flipbook

Players watch an animated flipbook of a Thai dancer. On the next screen, they try to put the frames of animation back in order to recreate the dance. Successful players can click the “print” button to print a hard copy of the flipbook, which they can cut and fasten together to make a real flipbook.

Are We There Yet Thai Flipbook

Scissor Alert: always ask a parent before using any sharp tool, like scissors, thumbtacks, paper cutters, nail guns, harvesting scythes, bonesaws, cacti, and that giant buzzsaw yo-yo thing that the bad guy attacks James Bond with in Dr. No.