Fortune Favours ConBravo

Are you in Hamilton Ontario this weekend? i’m sorry. i’m really, truly sorry about that. But look on the bright side! this weekend, you can nerd out at ConBravo, a geek expo featuring board games, comic books, and Untold Entertainment.

This will be our first year at ConBravo as part of their Silicon Alley, the video game developers’ answer to the Arist Alley standby at nerdfests around the world. We’ll be exhibiting Spellirium, our comedy adventure game where you spell words to solve puzzles.

It’s the end of the word as we know it.

We’ll also have Ponycorns merch! Buttons, T-shirts, and plushies will be up for grabs.

As a ConBravo special event, if you’d like to win a free copy of the Spellirium alpha, i will fight you at Bananagrams.

Bananagrams: the Goatse of word games.

i will fight you at Bananagrams, and you will lose. i feel bad about that. It’s kind of like those crane games, where the stuffed animal is tantalizingly out of reach, and you’re POSITIVE you can hook it just so and pull it out to the safety of the prize door.

Stick a cork in it, Grimace.

But you will not. You will never beat me at Bananagrams. This i vow. Just try me.

Incredibly Vial

This time out, instead of relying on pure salesmanship to move copies of the Spellirium alpha, we have these amazing little glass vials with adorable corks in them.

We stuck a cork in it, Grimace.

What’s inside? Why, Spellirium alpha codes, of course! A red string means PC, and a white string means Mac. i have done a lot of research on this subject, and i can absolutely guarantee that this is what you should spend your money on this weekend. Not only do you get a cool little vial to store mysterious bits of stuff, but you also get a great game that, like cheese and wine and grandparents, will only get better with age.

See you at ConBravo!

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