Spellirium Minute Episode #13: Trashpunk’s Not Dead

“Trashpunk” is the term i’m co-opting to describe the aesthetic in Spellirium. It stems from “cyberpunk”, which describes not only an aesthetic but an ethos, and “steampunk”, which drops the ethos to describe only an aesthetic. (But what an aesthetic!)

Today’s Spellirium Minute talks about the visual references that informed the trashpunk look of the game. They include Jean-Pierre Jeunet (City of Lost Children, Delicatessen, Amelie), Terry Gilliam (Twelve Monkeys, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen), The Dark Crystal and The Princess Bride. Easily at home on the list would be Labyrinth which, in addition to featuring a character made out of junk, features a whole lot of David Bowie’s junk.

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