Spellirium Minute Episode #3: Clicking a Dead Horse

After players complained that the previous Spellirium prototype was too laborious when it came to building words, we reversed the click scheme for Prototype 2a. We knew, by this point, that we wanted the player to be able to rearrange the word grid in Spellirium, and we knew the player had to be able to build words, but how? HOW??

This latest prototype was another step in our journey, five years ago, to develop a unique and interesting word puzzle game mechanic that no one had ever done before. Building and iterating on so many prototypes gave me a real appreciation for masterful puzzle games like Tetris, Dr. Mario, Puzzle League and Super Puzzle Fighter which initially seem simple in their execution. A lot of thought goes into these things, and this video series is a behind-the-scenes look at those thoughts.

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