Spellirium Minute Episode #1: We Need a Mechanic

Barring our earlier Oculus Rift shenanigans, this is the first “official” Spellirium Minute video. This one takes us back – waaaaay back – to five years ago, when we were applying for funding to get this weird little game off the ground. We were reticent to just go ahead and start building the game, because our prospective funder would not come in on a project that was already in full swing.

To scratch our game dev itch, we dipped our toes in the water and chipped away at various prototypes for Spellirium, slowly developing and iterating on the game’s letter-swapping mechanic, its collectible word concept, and it innovative (and HOT) puzzle-on-puzzle action. In this first Spellirium Minute video, we explore the very first Spellirium prototype, and totally make fun of it.

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