Spellirium Minute Episode #0: Tripping the Oculus Rift

The first in our series of development vlogs (or “video blogs”, if you’re like me and are uncomfortable with “v” and “l” appearing in such unnaturally close proximity) is an exploration of the very, very two-dimensional Spellirium on the very, very three-dimensional Oculus Rift.

The Oculus Rift is a Kickstarter-supported pair of shielded goggles that beams two slightly offset images of a video game directly into your eyeholes, and tracks your head movement to make it appear as though you’re actually looking around in 3D space. Following on the heels of sensational reaction videos like grandma tripping balls on the Oculus Rift, this one was intended to be a parody video, but judging by our YouTube and Kotaku comments, some viewers don’t quite get the joke.

A Few More Minutes

This is the first in a series of dev diary videos, the majority of which Robby “the Doogs” Duguay and i screencapped during one wild Thursday session, the outtakes of which will surely be released as B-sides when they’re trying to milk posthumous Christmas albums out of us. i’ve written a LOT of content on Spellirium over the past five years; these videos highlight the most interesting content from those five years, except video, so better.

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