Introducing the Spellirium Powerups System

The Powerups system in Spellirium is pretty cool, but it was hastily-built so you might not even know it’s there. Here’s how it works:

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Powerups can add different types of letters to your grid (vowels, and high- and mid-scoring words), the can increase your energy, protect your energy from depleting, and change the colours of the tiles. They can cure poison tiles (currently, the Graelig at the end of Act II is the only poisonous creature), and they can soften stone tiles (stone tiles are implemented, but none of the creatures create them … yet). Powerups are super useful if you want to, say, 3-star the errgrd to earn the decorative gourd item for the incense quest in Act II.

The ergrrd: one tough little creature.

Improvements for Future Versions

All these interconnected systems are already kinda complicated to begin with, but in alpha v0.36 and below, there are some extra steps thrown in that make it needlessly difficult to craft one lousy powerup! Here are the changes we’re planning to make:

  1. Currently, Powerups can cost up to five items to craft! We’re reducing that number to three ingredients, max. Most Powerups will probably cost one item.
  2. At the moment, you have to solve a picture puzzle whenever you cast a Powerup. Some of those puzzles are so difficult, you need Powerups to help you solve them. Holy crap! This isn’t Disgaea, for Pete’s sake. :) We’re scrapping the picture puzzle requirement. Hopefully picture puzzles will show up somewhere else in the game.
  3. Cheeves unlock Spells, and Spells are templates for Powerups. You start the game with a blank Spellbook, but i think you should start off with at least one Spell, so that you a reason to want the Spells you see in the Cheeves area.
  4. Cheeves are represented by a carrot-on-a-stick. You unlock the feature by talking to the Mystic, but it’s currently part of an optional conversation tree that some players miss! We need to do more work to help players discover it … probably by making it mandatory.

    Look familiar? No? You’re not alone.

  5. The Cheeve requirements are all completely imbalanced. How many semordnilaps should you have to build to earn the blue Shield Powerup? Is 25 too many? i don’t know! That’s why we’re playtesting! (Note: a semordnilap is a word that makes a different, perfectly valid word when read backwards … like ROOM <-> MOOR)
  6. Right now, you don’t get any notifications that you’ve completed a Cheeve. What’s up with that? Needs fixing.
  7. Since a lot of the Cheeves are progress-based (“Build 100 5-letter words!”), i’d like to see a little carrot icon show up whenever you build a word that advances a Cheeve.
  8. Item prices in the Merchant’s store are WAY too expensive right now! In a future version, we’re going to SLASH PRICES! Everything must go!
  9. That’s the story, and our plan. If you have other suggestions and you’re a Spellirium backer, head over to the Spellirium Backers-Only Message Boards and leave your feedback in SEECRET!!

    Not yet a backer? Pre-order Spellirium and play the alpha today!

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