Untold Entertainment Posts April Fool’s Day Prank on Blog

Today on their blog, Untold Entertainment posted a facetious entry intended to trick the reader into believing a falsehood, to celebrate April Fool’s Day. April Fool’s Day is observed worldwide as a day of pranks and tomfoolery. Numerous corporate websites play host to misleading or deliberately silly content that is posted with the express intent of shocking, surprising, or raising the hopes of the sites’ readers.

Cologne, Germany on April Fool’s Day

Only Joking

This year was no exception, and Untold Entertainment pulled out all the stops to craft a slyly droll post that drew suspicion from only its most astute readers. The post was followed by comments from readers asking “Is this real?”, and “Are they serious about this?”, peppered with occasional interjections from savvy prankees calling out the jape for what it was: a bit good-natured misdirection. “Untold Entertainment is just funning us,” they reassured, and “If you believe this, I have a bridge in Florida I’d like to sell you, boy howdy!”

Untold Entertainment’s April Fool’s Day blog post

Untold Entertainment posted a follow-up entry on April 2nd, ensuring confused readers that their April Fool’s Day post was only a jovial ruse, and that it was business as usual at the boutique game development studio.

4 thoughts on “Untold Entertainment Posts April Fool’s Day Prank on Blog

  1. Splinkster

    Guys, did you actually believe this was for real? It’s just an April Fool’s day joke. Get a life.

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