GDC for You and Me

i’m heading out to GDC tomorrow. Here’s what Untold Enertainment is up to in San Francisco:

Fact or Fiction Panel at FGS

i really have to wonder if the Flash Gaming Summit will be around next year? They’re calling it FGS, and distancing themselves from the word “Flash” much like Kentucky Fried Chicken tried to bury the word “fried” by re-christening themselves KFC. The difference between Flash and saturated fat is that one is a gross gloppy mess that can stop your heart and end your life prematurely, and the other is saturated fat.

To that end, i’m moderating a panel called Fact or Fiction? with a dream line-up of panelists, to have a rapid-fire opinionated discussion about the FUD surrounding the high-level game and app development world. We’ll be poaching the elephant in the room with very first slide, which asks “Fact or Fiction? Flash is Dead”, and we’ll keep going from there. Joining me are my esteemed colleagues:

  • John Fox, GM,
  • Ben Garney, Chief Engineer, The Engine Company (Loom, Pushbutton Engine)
  • Pany Haritatos, VP of Mobile, Kongregate
  • Matt Rix, Founder, Magicule (Trainyard)
  • Scott Walker, Partner & Head of Production, Ninja Kiwi (Bloons, SAS: Zombie Assault)

The panel is Sunday at 5:30. i hope to see you there!

Education Panel at PAX East

If you read your program and lined up for hours to see me speak and to sign your boobs at PAX East this year, sorry to disappoint you! There was a mix-up. The inestimable Steve Swink of Enemy Airship will be speaking instead. Although, if you think the charismatic and chiselled fellow at the front of the room who does CrossFit five times a day is actually me, so much the better.

Steve Swink, the game industry’s answer to Viagra™.

Spellirium at GDC Play – Even for Women

i’ll be demoing Spellirium the OMDC GDC Play booth Tuesday from 10-1! This is the new alpha build that will become available very shortly (look for an exciting announcement on April 9th). Spellirium is the game that three years ago, the casual games portals told me women were “too stupid to play“. Guess what? i made the game anyway. i’ll be at GDC assuring women (and men) that they are, indeed, smart enough to play Spellirium. i’m sure that will come as a relief to all involved.

Spellirium is hard! *giggle*

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