Save Girl Game Dev Wannabe Mackenzie from Gross Old Man Sex

A great Kickstarter campaign just went live with an irresistible hook that’s so irresistible, you can’t resist.

9-year-old Mackenzie, a girl, wants to go to STEM camp to create her own non-violent role-playing game, and her douchebag brothers say she can’t do it. Anyone who’s played Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure knows that little girls can, and little girls will … so BACK OFF, BOYS.

The one erroneous assumption the video makes is that Mackenzie will be able to eliminate shacking up with a sugar daddy as a career path if she gets into game development. i’ve been in this industry for 13 years (6 of them as an indie), and by this point, i’d kill for a sugar daddy. i’d easily trade having to caress a set of over-tanned flabby pectorals sprouting grey curly chest hair for a lifetime of fully-funded game projects. Mackenzie! Don’t be a fool. Marry rich and OLD. It’s the only way.

Whither Thou, Gorgon?

You’ll remember that Project Overboard began work on Head of the Gorgon last year at TOJam, the proceeds of which will send at-risk youth to nerd camp like the one Mackenzie wants to attend. Gorgon is finally nearing completion – watch for updates on it in May.

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