“Learn Fractions” with Frog Fractions

In the TEDx Toronto talk that i delivered with Cassie yesterday, i took a shot at school boards’ use of ancient educational software, which many teachers use to placate their students while they catch up on marking and class prep.

Ancient Educational Software

Note to schools: math hasn’t changed, but graphics, sound, teaching methods and children all have.

In the nail-biting stress-a-palooza leading up to the talk, i read a review of Frog Fractions, a parody of kids’ educational and entertainment software of a (supposedly) bygone era. Now that i have a short time to relax, i took the time to play the game. It’s brilliant and hilarious, and well worth your time (and donations). It’s one of the funniest short-form games i’ve ever played. Enjoy it!

(note: The game’s not appropriate for kids. If you’re stuck in a rut for a while like i was, don’t stop playing until you’ve found your way out of the pond.)

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