Untold Entertainment Fall Internship Program 2012

Untold Entertainment is a boutique game development studio in downtown Toronto. We specialize in games and apps for kids, teens, tweens and preschoolers. We’re looking for two interns for the months of October – December 2012:

  • a 2d artist/animator
  • an Actionscript 3 programmer


Please submit your application (see below) by Friday October 12, 2012 at 9:17 PM Eastern Standard Time.


Ideal candidates will be hungry for experience and committed to producing quality products. These are attributes we’ve prized in past interns:

  • Self-starter. Take initiative and produce work effectively and on time.
  • Team player. Collaborate and communicate openly with team members, act on constructive criticism and constantly do what’s best for the project and your team.
  • Detail oriented. Be your own toughest critic and focus on delivering your work with as much detail and care as possible.
  • Problem solver. Be prepared to think outside the box and find solutions to challenges that may appear.
  • Life-long Learner. See every fork in the road as a way to expand your skillset and continuously strive to improve at what you do.
  • Positive attitude. No whining. Move forward and get things done!
  • Humorist. Anyone caught wearing a suit will be shot.

What Will You Be Doing?

Here are the major tasks you will be performing at Untold Entertainment (other related tasks may crop up as projects call for them):

  • Programming. Laying down code in Actionscript 3 for Flash-based projects based on design documentation.


  • Art and animation. Designing, creating, and animating 2D characters, backgrounds, and other visual effects according to project specifications.


  • Collaborating. Working with a small team to ensure deadlines are met with an end product worthy to carry the name Untold Entertainment.
  • Testing. Providing quality assurance for various game projects that you have helped create.
  • Coffee machine repair. Seriously, how is this thing still broken?

How Much Do i Get Paid?

This is an unpaid internship. It is an opportunity to gain great experience and to put some real game development studio work on your resume, along with the chance to get your name in the credits of a shipped title. Many former interns have remarked that they understand the business of game development and the entrepreneurial side of the industry much better after completing their internship at Untold Entertainment. Working at a small studio is a far different experience from working at a big triple-A juggernaut. As an additional perk, we offer No-Pants Fridays.

How Do I Apply?

Email info [the curly at sign] untoldentertainment [the little dot thingy] com. Please put way more attention into an interesting email and samples of your work than your resume. Give us a sense of your personality, and why you think you’re a good fit. Cookie-cutter applications with business-suit-wearing cover-letters and resumes describing your evening shift at Shopper’s Drug Mart will be stabbed and burned.
Successful candidates will be contacted for interviews in early to mid-October.

Is It Worth It?

Here’s what some former interns have to say about their experience:

Having had no idea what to expect from my summer internship, and, more importantly, my first real studio experience, I was greatly relieved to land a job at Untold Entertainment with programmer, animator, teacher, comedian, lion-tamer, and self-made astronaut, Ryan Creighton. I was provided with a bounty of knowledge, a plethora of fun tasks to sink my artistic teeth into, and the respect to freely give and receive feedback on projects. Not only did working at Untold open my eyes to new possibilities, give me an opportunity to expand my skill set, and introduce me to a number of lovely people currently working throughout the entertainment and game development industries, but there was also a steady supply of candy, and occasionally we were rewarded with tacos. Untold is a brilliant studio with a clever, innovative, and genuine captain at the helm. 10/10, would intern again.

– Intern Sarah Davis, Summer 2012

I couldn’t have possibly broken into the game industry with what they taught me in school alone – It definitely takes a lot more than a strong 3D modelling portfolio. Ryan Creighton taught me the real value of hard work, imagination and a positive attitude. Oh, and that “Nordic Berries” are DEFINITELY not a suitable substitute for Swedish Berries.

– Intern Chewie (Cassandra Chui), Winter 2012

I learned more about making games at Untold than I ever did at school.

– Intern Cale Bradbury, Academic year 2010-2011

The stuff I learned from Ryan is the stuff I’m currently getting paid for in California. The effort to reward ratio is incredible.

– Intern Mohammed Al-Sahaf, Winter 2011

Want to play games all day? Go home and play. Want to discover the stress, struggle, and ultimate satisfaction of making games for a living? Apply for this internship.

– Intern David S. Gallant, Fall 2011

Working with Ryan Creighton has been eye-opening. If Untold had taught me anything as an intern, it’s open your mind to new creative ideas.

– Intern Chris Aaron Broadfield, Summer 2011

6 thoughts on “Untold Entertainment Fall Internship Program 2012

  1. ConcernedGrad

    I’m a concerned recent graduate. I was lucky enough to find employment right out of school but have been unemployed just recently. To see unpaid internships want ads when someoen recently pointed out what you’re doing is illegal is pretty ballsy. Have some common sense and pay your employees! We have debt to pay. Why should you receive free labour? Maybe you do deserve a trophy. Karma works wonders. Karma police. Karma. Pay your employees as we need to pay bills too.

    1. Ryan Henson Creighton Post author

      At this point in time, Untold can’t pay. If we could pay, we would be hiring experienced developers that we could actually put to work on revenue-earning projects, and not messing around with inexperienced recent graduates on secondary make-work projects.

      We can either limit the internship program to students (in which case, we’re not legally obligated to pay) and completely close the program to graduates (leaving the office and its resources unused for fall and winter) … or we can offer free training and experience for recent grads looking to close that work/experience loop. Participation is completely voluntary.

      If you or your parents didn’t save up any money for your schooling and you’ve saddled yourself with a crippling amount of debt, this opportunity is not for you. You need to take a paid position somewhere, and if you can’t find a paid entry-level position in your industry of choice, you have to bite the bullet and find a paid position elsewhere. When i graduated from college, i would have jumped at the chance to do something like this. Since no one was offering this type of opportunity, i had to take a paid position in a different industry.

      Further reading:


  2. ConcernedGrad

    My parents are dead. I’m an immigrant ‘trying’ to make it here. Trying to succeed in life. Trying to have what my family couldn’t have. Frustrates me to see the greed. Luckily I was able it to arrive in Canada and receive an education. Do you know what your body feels like after working 9 hour days and attend school full-time? That was enough money to have a single room I cooked and lived-in AND built a wee bit of credit..school is slowly being paid off. There is no hope to gain a foot in this industry when the experience offered is unpaid. Life is too short to give your time away. Greed makes me ill. I respect that you’ve ‘made’ it in the industry but this way of thinking hurts recent grads. I cried. I’m emotional as we speak. I have to sleep as I have to get up at 4am to work before school starts at 9am. Yes, 3 hours to sleep if I can fall asleep in 10 minutes! This is the real world trying to succeed. ConcernedGrad..crying.

    1. Ryan Henson Creighton Post author

      Sorry, ConcernedGrad – i responded to your second message without seeing your first.

      > Do you know what your body feels like after working 9 hour days and attend school full-time?

      No i don’t. But i know what it feels like after working a 12-hour day trying to feed a family of four.

      > Life is too short to give your time away.

      Agreed. So go get paid for your time.

      > I respect that you’ve ‘made’ it in the industry but this way of thinking hurts recent grads.

      i’m very pleased that i’ve given everyone the impression that i’ve “made it” in the industry. Please consider that this may only be an impression, and that Untold has exactly one full-time employee (me), and that the company often has to delay payment to our one employee for a string of many months when business is slow, and that our one employee has to supplement his unreliable income with other work, and that Untold struggles on a monthly basis to keep the lights on. Did you consider that at all? Now try bringing on a recent graduate at $10.25/hr, who is too inexperienced to effectively work on a paid client project at the speed and quality level that the professional industry demands. Do you see how that might be difficult? Impossible, even?

      Could you also see how it might be completely unfair or impractical to try to bring a paid employee into this mix, even at minimum wage, when the company has no assurance that it will survive another month?

      Give all of that a think, and have a good cry over it. i’m beyond crying – i’m doing what i need to do to stay afloat and keep my family fed, and hopefully help out other struggling industry hopefuls in the meantime.

  3. ConcernedGrad

    I’ve been worried all day that you may try and blacklist me from our industry for speaking out on here. I’m worried sick now. What a disgusting feeling I have just from speaking out! Please don’t try and blacklist me. I need to find work. I’m worried sick.

    1. Ryan Henson Creighton Post author

      Oh, golly. You should be worried. With the power i hold? i’m like a blacklisting SORCERER. It’s one of my favourite things to do – blacklisting young graduates. i put their pictures up on my wall, and then X out the eyes with red marker.

      Seriously, though – “blacklist” is a strong term. But if i stuck my neck out and gave an opportunity to a graduate who wanted training and experience, and we agreed that it would be an unpaid, volunteer arrangement, and that graduate turned around later and dug $10.25/hr in backpay out of me … if a colleague performed a reference check on that graduate, my description of the graduate would likely be “PETTY, BACKSTABBING AND DISHONEST.” Those qualities are not in high demand in any industry.

      If you, as a graduate of one of Ontario’s terrible and oversubscribed video game programs, think that you can find an entry-level position in the industry that pays $10.25 or better, by all means – more power to you. If you can’t do that -if, as some of the people we’ve interviewed have said, none of the Toronto game studios will even return your calls or emails – then building your chops at Untold or another small shop is something to consider.


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