Ryan and Cassie at TEDxToronto

i feel incredibly honoured to have been asked to give a talk at the upcoming TEDxToronto conference.

The fun hook here is that TEDxToronto crew has also asked my 6-year-old daughter Cassandra to take the stage with me, to talk about the game we made together and the work that has grown from it.

i’ll admit i’m somewhat nervous about giving a talk with a little kid. The last time the spotlight was on Cassie (at 7 in the morning on live national television) things went a little sideways. But she’s a year older now. Cassie is precocious and talkative as ever. She has absolutely steeped herself in video games, to the point where she has vivid dreams about them. She woke up this morning and showed me the real-world game she had drawn out on stacks of paper in crayon when she was supposed to be in her room sleeping. She couldn’t wait to get to daycamp to show her friends how to play it. It involves frogs.

My KID Knows More About Technology Than *I* Do!

The follow-up to Ponycorns for Untold Entertainment is a site called GamesByKids.com, which is actively under development. It’s meant to help bridge the gap between children’s passion for games and technology, and grown-ups’ fear or lack of understanding of the same. Grown-ups are responsible for teaching our kids, at home and at school, about how all this marvelous technology works … but because they themselves feel overwhelmed, i worry that kids aren’t receiving the training they need to excel in a knowledge-based (as opposed to manufacturing-based) working world.

That’s what Cassie and i are planning to share at TEDxToronto in October: we want to encourage grown-ups to take the wheel and get messy with technology, taking kids by the hand and leading the charge into a wondrous sea of unknown buttons and features and functions and doo-dads.

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