Drunken Tropical Meandering Defeats Child’s Imaginative Dreamscape

Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure, the weekend-long game i co-authored with my five-year-old daughter Cassandra, has proven to be noteworthy, but not awardworthy. After being an Indiecade finalist and a Mochis nominee, Ponycorns has suffered two more awards show defeats.

Last night at the Canadian Videogame Awards, in addition to losing the Best New Character award to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Ponycorns was bested by Margaritaville Online for the best Casual/Social Game prize. Margaritaville Online is a Facebook game based on the debaucherous, alcohol-soaked lifestyle of professional hobo-minstrel Jimmy Buffet (not to be confused with multi-billionaire investor Warren Buffet, a mistake can’t be the first to have made).

Jimmy and Warren Buffet

Only ONE of these men made his fortune singing about piƱa coladas. Can you guess which one?

The Margaritaville developers Exploding Barrel Games showed incredible grace and poise by taking the stage to accept their award, and opening their blazers to reveal “i friggin’ love Ponycorns shirts” (get yours in the Untold Store!) The shout-out was much appreciated, and was the best possible way to not win an award.

Exploding Barrel Games loves Ponycorns

(Photo by Scott White)

It was a very heart-warming gesture. Of course, since these are clearly bootlegged Ponycorns T-shirts, we have duly sent Exploding Barrel Games a notice of copyright infringement insisting on the removal of the shirts from their bodies forthwith.

The 2011 Canadian Videogame Awards show airs on City TV and G4TVCanada on April 28th and 29th.

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