Spellirium Sneak Peek: Fighting the Fnoo

Today’s sneak peek video clip is a twofer: we’re showing off a bit of combat with a creature called a “fnoo”, which can only be damaged when you spell words with blue tiles. Later in the clip, you can see the Companion System in action:

As various characters join your party, you can choose to bring one of them into battle with you. Your Companion Character hangs out in the corner of the screen and, when clicked, unleashes some cool special power. In this case, the Hunter blasts individual tiles out of the grid as you click on them. This helps you set up better combos and chains in case you get stuck.

The Hunter is unique, because she has TWO different abilities, and this is her back-up one. We won’t reveal her primary ability until later, but just like everything in Spellirium, it’s totally cool.

What do you think it could be??


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