Spellirium Sneak Peek: Shearing Scrunches the Sheep

The challenges in Spellirium are ever-changing. Sometimes success will be based on the length of the words you spell. Other times, it’s all about colour. In another challenge, the direction of the word might be the key.

Here’s an early production example of what we call a “word quality” challenge: spell words that have to do with cutting in order to shear a sheep.

Check back on Friday for a first glimpse of the Companion System in Spellirium!


3 thoughts on “Spellirium Sneak Peek: Shearing Scrunches the Sheep

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  2. Mushyrulez

    Now it’s becoming more like a thesaurus game than a dictionary game.

    Which might be good – is there going to be something in Spellirium that forces the player to actually understand the meanings of words they spell? Otherwise, spelling isn’t anything without understanding, right?

    1. Ryan Henson Creighton

      The sheep challenge is just one example of a “word quality” challenge, where the solution to the puzzle hinges around the words you spell. There are also word length, word direction, and word colour challenges, to name a few.

      In this case, you definitely have to understand the meanings of the words you spell. The sheep challenge requires you to come up with five synonyms for “cut”.


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