Spellirium Then and Now

It’s always exciting to look back across the lifespan of a project and marvel at how it’s evolved. The development cycle of Spellirium is close to three years now – not a steady three, but three years of struggling to move the project ahead while putting food on the table, and working through economic and corporate upheaval.

That’s why it’s so rewarding to stand on the far shore and gaze back across that tumultuous ocean. Here are some screenshots illustrating how Spellirium began, and how far it’s come.

The Dictionary Then

The Dictionary Now

The Runekeeper cottages Then

The Runekeeper cottages Now

The wheel challenge Then

The wheel challenge Now


2 thoughts on “Spellirium Then and Now

  1. Strip-Arcade

    Wow! It sure has come a long way. I always love looking at how a game project evolves over time. It gives you a glimpse into the process that other people take, and I find it encouraging and enlightening. Thanks for sharing!

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