Ryan Henson Creighton is a Solid Speaker

There’s no humble way to put this: i kick ass. i’ve survived Conference Season, having spoken at three conferences in two weeks (including FITC Screens 2011, DIG London and Gamercamp Lvl 3). Apart from hearing kind praise anecdotally from conference attendees, FITC brings the hard data.

Hard Data

The hard Data.

The presentation i gave at Screens, titled Ponycorns: Catching Lightning in a Jar, was the third-highest rated talk at the conference. Here are the ratings and comments from the feedback forms that the attendees filled out:

Was the speaker knowledgeable on the topic presented? 9.68
Did the session meet your expectations? 9.59
Did the speaker present the material in a clear and well-organized way? 9.77
Please rate the overall effectiveness of the speaker. 9.77
This session will affect the way I work 8.18
Overall average 9.40

Attendee comments:

  • Funny and Entertaining REAL
  • Awesome Story
  • Inspiring
  • Hilarious Magical, Thank You.
  • Funny and fun. Great way to end the conference.
  • Inspirational! Thanks!
  • Excellent way to close out!!
  • Very enthusiastic. Great end to the event.
  • Hilarious, entertaining. A great story.
  • Hysterical with creative, fun and useful
  • Interesting.

Huge thanks to the conference organizers and to everyone who came to hear me speak. i’ve submitted bids in to tell the Ponycorns story to attendees at GDC 2012 and the Flash Gaming Summit next year, and this can only help. Fingers crossed!

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