Unity Game Development by Example gets an Update!

Last week, Packt Publishing released the second edition of my seminal and important work, Unity 3.x Game Development by Example: A Beginner’s Guide, which helps fledgling game developers learn Unity through a serious of bad puns and dick jokes.

Unity 3.x Game Development by Example

What’s New in Version 2?

Absolutely nothing! The Unity 3.x version is identical to the first edition, save for the fancy new cover by UbiSoft Toronto game artist Dan Cox. The occasional errata from the first edition have been corrected, and the screenshots have been updated so that they match Unity’s subtle interface changes. i’ve included two new spaceship models by Dan in Chapter 11 (the same ones you see on the cover), which i’ll make available to owners of all versions.

The first chapter was updated to discuss the BootCamp demo instead of the original Island Demo, which stopped working reliably as of version 3. Then, just as we were ready to release the book, Unity launched v3.4, which included yet another demo and more subtle UI changes. So Unity 3.x Game Development by Example has been lovingly (?) re-written TWICE to bring it in-line with what those nutty funsters at Unity have been up to.

Should i Buy It?

Yes you should.

i made the rather bold claim that the first edition of the book may very well cure cancer. i realize now that this was entirely irresponsible of me, and i regret my error in judgment. i can say now with all certainty that version two is guaranteed to cure cancer, or your money back. Please contact Pack Publishing for all refund inquiries, including a post mortem certificate from your next of kin.

Praise for Unity 3D Game Development by Example (from actual people)

“A great resource for learning Unity.” – Michael Todd, indie game developer

“Creighton’s book teaches both Unity and good design practices while staying hip, funny, and even controversial. A must read!” – Ryon Levitt, Game Designer

“I went from unemployed to working full-time in California!” – Mohammed Al-Sahaf, game school graduate

“I didn’t loose brain cells when I read this book.” – Brent Arnold, Mobile Developer

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  1. Nokill

    bold, bold claims now your site is online when I want to indulge in these rich and sexy words.

    Good thing that writers will never tell people to buy there book unless it’s really good! :)


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