Welcome to the Untold Entertainment Offices

We were honoured when respected causal games site Gamezebo decided to include us in their “cribs” series, asking us to take pictures of the Untold offices in downtown Toronto – presumably so they could case the joint and send someone in to steal our expensives.

Untold Entertainment Office

Nice try, fellas – we’re broke!

Check out our shrine to classic LucasArts adventure games, our fabulous social media pillows, and the industry’s most unfortunate plantlife in Gamezebo Cribs: Untold Entertainment Edition.

Where It’s At

What the article doesn’t mention is that the Untold offices are situated in a very special building. Untold is directly across the hall from Capybara Games, who recently hosted and teamed up with Craig D. Adams (AKA Superbrothers) to create the iOS hit Sword and Sworcery EP. Untold occasionally shares space with world-traveled indie dev Michael Todd, creator of such arty fare as Broken Brothers and Silent Skies. Two levels up on the sixth floor in the same building is Jon Mak’s Queasy Games. You’ll remember Jon’s Everyday Shooter; Queasy is hard at work on Sound Shapes for the Playstation Vita.

So if you want to wipe out a lot of Toronto indie talent, send your angry anthrax-laced letters to our building. But better yet, if you’d like to be involved in the perfect storm of creative energy swirling around downtown TO, give Untold Entertainment a call to partner with us on your next exciting project.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Untold Entertainment Offices

  1. Porter

    I love your writing style and humor, makes reading your posts highly entertaining. Looks like a pretty sweet office, and it must be amazing sharing the building with so much other talent in the same industry.

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