Tower Defense Game World Rounds Out Untold’s Game Portal Network


Tower Defense Game World

Untold Entertainment is excited to announce the latest addition to its network of free-to-play game collections with the release of Tower Defense Game World. Over 120 games are ready to play, with new additions posted every week. Tower Defense Game World is the newest member of Untold’s suite of free game networks, which currently includes Zombie Game World and Word Game World.

“Tower defense” is a game genre that has become immensely popular in the past five years. Most tower defense games have the player protecting a fortress or base from incoming “waves” of enemies. The player can purchase and place turrets that fend off the hordes of invaders. Through careful placement and upgrading, the player can emerge victorious with an unscathed fortress.

Tower Defense games have proven to be one of the most popular game genres available today, with varieties that appeal to casual gamers, core players, and everyone in between. Plants vs. Zombies by Popcap Games is one of the most well-known tower defense games. Tower Defense Game World offers a curated experience, bringing the best free Tower Defense games currently available into one website.

About Untold Entertainment

Untold Entertainment Inc. is a boutique game development studio in Toronto specializing in games and apps for kids, teens, tweens, and preschoolers. Untold developed Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure which was co-created by a five-year-old girl, and its upcoming post-apocalyptic puzzle adventure game Spellirium.

3 thoughts on “Tower Defense Game World Rounds Out Untold’s Game Portal Network

  1. Mushyrulez

    Do you have to personally manage all of these portals? Or do you have some sort of portal management website where you can automatically add new games from FGL or something :v

    1. Ryan Henson Creighton

      Mushy – many portal owners auto-dump games into their sites, which is why there are so many garbage game portals out there. We actually curate these sites, adding the games “by hand”, one by one, after playing them and deciding they’re worth someone’s time.

      We’re also assembling games according to unique categories … since other portals siphon games automatically, they’re kind of stuck to the categories that MochiMedia chooses for them. MochiMedia doesn’t keep separate categories for word, zombie or tower defense games, so we’re trying to cater to various niche game types.

  2. Jonathan

    Great !! :) I still play the warcraft 3 TD’s more than anything ^^

    (Mushyrulez) you can subscribe to rss feeds from websites like or to make things a bit easier.


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