Hide Your Daughters: ActiveTuts+ Interviews Ryan Henson Creighton

Activetuts+, a site packed with tutorials, articles and tips (MUCH LIKE MY OWN), recently posted an interview with me. In it, you’ll learn all about Adobe’s negligent parenting practices, why Unity 3D Game Development By Example is the greatest book since this one, and how to properly pay a prostitute.

A few things to point out:

  1. The site used Brendan Lynch’s pic of me from TOJam 5 without crediting him. Since Lynch is prone to fits of terrible rage, i felt i should give him credit, rather than to wait for him to pay me an unpleasant Godfather-style visit.


    Photo by the blessed and powerful Brendan Lynch, peace be upon him

  2. All other photos used in the interview were stolen from Google Image Search by me without credit. He who sends the angriest email will shoot to the top of my todo list for adding attribution.
  3. i’ve landed in a bit of hot water with Unity 3D Game Development by Example, ever since a high school teacher demanded the publisher remove the “obscene” material from it to make it appropriate for high school students. Now the publisher has turned around and scoured my contract for a legal excuse to sue. You can read all about that torrid saga here:

So if you’d like a copy of my book before it ceases to be, or before all references to nipples n’ dicks are replaced with ponies and rainbows, pick up a copy before it’s too late!


Isn’t “Nipples n’ Dicks” the name of that dog food brand?

3 thoughts on “Hide Your Daughters: ActiveTuts+ Interviews Ryan Henson Creighton

  1. MichaelJW

    Oh, damn, sorry for not crediting Brendan in there. My fault, I thought the image was one of yours. I’ve added the credit to the interview now.

  2. UnSubject

    Compromise and have the publisher sell your book wrapped in brown paper and held under the counter. “World’s Filthiest Game Development Book” would be a unit-shifting reputation.


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