Mouse Control

Corus Entertainment asked us to create a game for their Treehouse preschool brand. We had this idea kicking around from an earlier planned preschool site, and i was worried that it would never see the light of day. So, we built it for Treehouse, and are very happy with how it turned out!

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Mouse Control gives the early preschool player the opportunity to develop computer mouse skills. Familiarity and capability with the mouse are taken for granted by so many preschool games. It first dawned on me that young children have trouble piloting the two-button brick when i taught computer classes to kindergarten students. While computer mice have become far sleeker and more ergonomically friendly, they’re still very much tailored to fit big hands.

Mice are also unintuitive! Just watch a small child (or your grandmother) try to steer the mouse like a car, rather than keeping it rigidly positioned and pointing “North”. Kids take to touchpads and touch interfaces much more naturally. But as long as we’re stuck with computer mice for the foreseeable future, why not create a game that helps our little players out?

The game introduces a series of progressively challenging mouse skills as it escalates:

  • Skill #1: Move the mouse to guide the cursor to a hotspot
  • Skill #2: Avoid certain areas of the screen
  • Skill #3: Guide the cursor to connect with a moving hotspot
  • Skill #4: Click the mouse button to activate a hotspot

With each level the camera pulls back, making the cursor and hotspots smaller so that they demand finer motor control.

Many of our industry partners approach us with concepts in hand and ask Untold Entertainment to execute those plans. Mouse Control is a great example of what we can do in a short time frame, where we’re responsible for developing the concept and the creative. We hope you share Mouse Control with the tiny, adorable people in your life!

17 thoughts on “Mouse Control

      1. Christine Laskowski

        About the zombie idea: Demographic plus 3-5 years to adult? It would work well as an iPhone/Android touch-based game, as well (as the zombie one).

  1. Christine Laskowski

    I reached level 17!
    But then again, I’m not a pre-schooler, and I’ve been using a computer since I could sit up. XD
    Thought I’d check out your other work. It was great playing your and your daughter’s game at TOJam! (AnimeCanuck)

  2. Mark

    I got level 25, why is it so HARD
    But on the serious side, how long did it take to make this, and with how many people working on it?

    1. Ryan Henson Creighton

      It was roughly 1-1.5 weeks of development. One of us programmed it, while the other did the art/animation and sound, but could just as easily have been built by one of us.

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  5. aspalt

    Is this game still available? I can’t access it (1/2/18). If so, please post the link. It is great for teaching little ones how to use a computer mouse properly. Thank you.


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