Have You Met My Friend Spike?

Almost in spite of my paltry efforts to drive traffic to ZombieGameWorld.com in the entertaining but fundamentally flawed Pimp My Portal series, i wrote a blog post that completely blew up last week. Apparently it’s less enjoyable to see me grovel for money than it is to see me lie my way into absconding with all the money, even when that money is made of plastic.

Post Mortem

The post hit the front pages of Reddit, Kotaku, Gamasutra, Hacker News, PCGamer, Ars Technica and Rock Paper Shotgun in the course of a week. Within a few hours of being on Reddit, my host took my site down in what they were calling a DOS attack. i assured them it wasn’t, and begged them to keep my site up. No dice. The traffic to my site “could compromise the experience of visitors to the other accounts that shared server space” with mine. The site’s finally back up on another server. Needless to say, i know a lot more about transferring files, database entries, and nameservers than i ever did.

Here’s what it takes to trigger a DOS warning with your standard $7/mo shared web hosting package:

Ryan Henson Creighton Untold Entertainment Traffic Spike

Shut it down! SHUT IT DOWN!!

Yeah. Thirty thousand people tried to hit the site before the host pulled the plug. (Sorry if i’m shattering the illusion here, but no – the Untold Entertainment blog does not usually pull in 30k visitors on a regular basis). i love how the spike completely flattens the regular traffic graph. (Side note: this graph also looks remarkably like a profile view of me waking up in the morning)

Someone posted a mirror site that pulled in maybe another 10k people, and i re-posted the article on Gamasutra, which got featured in the blog sidebar. So all in all, over fifty thousand people read (or read about) the article. How has this affected sales of my similarly entertaining and informative book, Unity 3D Game Development by Example, you ask? Purchase a copy and i’ll be sure to let you know.

The Most Expensive T-Shirt I’ve Ever Owned

Fame like this is definitely short-lived, so i decided to milk the last ounce of notoriety from it that i could at the IGDA Toronto Chapter meeting last night:

Ryan Henson Creighton Untold Entertainment I Have All the Coins T-Shirt

It’s true.

This is the best and most shameless stab at fame whoring that i could come up with. Well … this, and my upcoming appearance on Get Me Out of Here – I’m a Celebrity. Tune in next Tuesday at 8/7 central.

9 thoughts on “Have You Met My Friend Spike?

  1. Mushyrulez

    Yeah, about that, why do you never capitalize your i’s anyways? :v

    Also, put that shirt up for sale somewhere and you’ll be having two spikes on your site ;)

    1. Ryan Henson Creighton

      You mean that shirt print, or the very same shirt that touched my manamazing body?

      i don’t capitalize my i’s (a fact which in recent weeks i’ve realized really bothers some readers) because in high school, i came to realize i had a real ego problem, so i started doing all sorts of things to humble myself. Decapitalizing i’s was one step, and it became habitual. i think now it’s more characteristic than anything … you know you’re reading Untold Entertainment when you see all the bloody lower-case i’s. i use a few other idiosyncratic writing conventions here. Can you spot them?

  2. Shea

    Well I’m one of the new comers from that article, I bought your book last year as soon as it came out tho, I bought it really just to support anyone writing books on Unity, I’m no beginner, but it was a surprisingly good read for a tech book, it was actually NOT boring hehe. But yeah I never came across your blog.

    Honestly I can’t see myself coming back here for much longer, I read many different game dev, art, and tech blogs via my facebook account, if I was to visit all the good ones I’ve come across that have no facebook page, I’d be adding an hour or more to my morning newspaper routine.

    Basically I’m saying you’ll get more visits to your blog with a facebook page, and you’d be well within your right to tell me to piss off. Just sayin is all, always a good read tho!

    Well I just searched there and you do now have a fb! Awesome hehe, I’m guessing you just haven’t added the button yet :p Thank you! I’ll see you with a coffee 9am sharp every morning!

    1. Ryan Henson Creighton

      Hahaha … i was reading your whole comment thinking “but i DO have a Facebook page! … don’t i??”

      You’re obviously looking for a button that i should have (but don’t). Can you point me to a blog that has such a button, so i can takes it and put it in my pocketses?


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