14 thoughts on “Which Spellirium Logo Do You Prefer?

  1. Andrew

    I like the serif style of the first one; it seems more magic-related. The gem is way too realistic, though. Maybe a cartoon gem would fit better with the design?

  2. Tami

    This is not going to help much; I like the clean design of the first option, but I also like the font in the second option, just not the background in the second.

  3. jim creighton

    like the third one, the one with the book. I think the addition of the book because it helps to define things, plus the book looks very friendly…not like a text. not hot on the diamond

  4. Iain

    The font etc from the original version is nicer than the all caps, but the font outline, lightning etc does add something. The book from the banner should maybe be part of the logo too.

  5. Bwakathaboom

    I’m not sold on the lightning bolt but the second logo is more in keeping with a game logo your competition would use. Standard rule applies: ask *players*, not developers.

    You could do an A/B split test on WordGameWorld for free or do a banner ad on another game site. Randomize which logo visitors will see on the link and test which one has the higher clickthrough rate.

      1. Ryan Henson Creighton

        The money i spend A|B testing my crummy logo could be better spent paying a designer to draw a kickass logo.

  6. Brent

    I’m not a fan of the descender of the ‘p’ in #1. It feels like it should become a ligature with the ‘S’, but that wouldn’t look right. A standard block serif would be the correct-er choice I think.


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