ZombieGameWorld.com Lurches to Life Just in Time for Hallowe’en

What do you do when you create a Flash portal filled with word games that fails to catch on? If you’re a savvy business person, you throw your entire company into a wood chipper and go down in a blaze of glory with a high-class prostitute and a motorbike bought on credit. But when you’re me, you build another game portal.

ZombieGameWorld.com logo

Announcing ZombieGameWorld.com!

ZombieGameWorld.com is the newest portal in Untold Entertainment’s growing Game World Network, a group of sites packed with free-to-play web games catering to niche audiences. The key difference between ZombieGameWorld.com and WordGameWorld.com is quality: WordGameWorld.com is a curated site, where we hand-pick only the best or most enjoyable word games available online.

But we’ll throw any old piece of trash on ZombieGameWorld.com. Our reasoning is that zombie fans historically have a lower quality bar than the rest of us. With a few notable exceptions, their favourite movies and books are largely low-budget schlocky affairs where concept trumps execution. An audience accustomed to consuming entertainment that’s a little rough around the edges may be interested in the more … strained attempts of amateur game developers trying to cobble together a zombie game. The Featured section of the site highlights the rare online zombie games that are good-looking and great fun to play.

ZombieGameWorld.com mascot

“Formerly Earl Peterson”, the site’s mascot, tweets news tidbits from the zombie zeitgeist

All new game content is cross-posted to the ZombieGameWorld.com Facebook fan page, as well as the ZombieGameWorld Twitter feed. The Twitter feed adds zombie-related news that gets cross-posted back to the main site.

Future plans for the site include community-based game-on-game elimination battles, badges, and possibly even an online loyalty system. The current model is advertising rev share through MochiAds and Google Adsense. Our immediate business goal is to earn enough ad revenue to cover hosting – both ZombieGameWorld.com and WordGameWorld.com are currently operating at a loss.

If you know zombie fans, or you have a GREAT idea for how we can promote the site without spending any money or digging up any corpses, i’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and tell me if you think ZombieGameWorld.com has any potential, or if we’re just not using our braaaaaains.

6 thoughts on “ZombieGameWorld.com Lurches to Life Just in Time for Hallowe’en

  1. Bwakathaboom

    Hey, I happen to be one of those people who buys anything zombie related! How dare you suggest our standard are lower when…(checks DVD case, checks games and novels)…Okay, our standards are lower :(

    For traffic, sponsor a zombie game and let it spread with your site logo and link all over it. That seems to be what the other portals do. Involves the risk of throwing more good money after bad, though.

    *cough* I just may have a zombie game coming out in the next week or so. *cough*

    1. Ryan Henson Creighton

      It’s not a bad idea … but i’ve very spend-shy, especially on a product like this. ZombieGameWorld.com is not the only zombie games portal out there, and it’s not like the competitors are doing gangbusters business either.

  2. Marco Tessarotto

    I love zombie games, but I’ve really high standards on flash games and I think that there are maybe 3 or 4 zombie games that match my standards.

  3. Bret Moretti

    Ryan, what if we worked together? Here is what I bring to the table. I have access to many search keywords from my sites stats as to what type of games people are looking for (20-30k people everyday can’t be to wrong). You have the game/AS3 skills to make those games (probably in less than a day or two). Also, there are some other things the industry needs that can only be done in AS3 that I can’t do myself but you probably can but would also need a good initial boost of some existing traffic (which I do have). Let me know if you would like to discuss it further:)


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