The Arcadian Renaissance: Money Well Spent

i’ve been looking for an opportunity to divest myself of all this fabulous cash weighing down my pockets and brimming out the neckhole of my shirt, so here’s what i did:

Nuit Blanche Arcadian Renaissance

When i heard that the Hand Eye Society needed indie companies to sponsor a collection of arcade cabinets for this event, i knew i had found a better option than lighting my money on fire or sending it straight up my nose. (Never understood sending money straight up my nose, btw … i can only ever cram a single bill up there at a time, and it’s rather uncomfortable. Why do Bay Street types enjoy it so much?)

What Is?

So here’s the deal: Nuit Blanche (French for “beach noogie”) is a Toronto public art exhibition that takes place throughout the downtown core on Saturday October 2nd, all night. The Hand Eye Society is the Toronto indie game developers association. HES asked indie companies like mine (including, but not limited to, Spyeart, ][, and Metanet). The event takes place from sundown to sunrise at the TIFF Bell Lightbox building, which as you know is completely overrun by the spectral remnants of Irish potato famine victims.

Truth be told, it’s been kind of a lousy sponsorship activity. Sponsors aren’t mentioned on the event flier, on the HES announcement page, or on the Nuit Blanche site, which are all very easy places to throw a logo or link. i’ll admit i’m a little disappointed about that. However, when it’s all said and done, the Untold offices will actually host the cabinet… WHICH MEANS i will get absolutely no work done as i continually try to beat my high score on Boong-Ga Boong-Ga.

Boong-Ga Boong-Ga

(yes, the one with the life-sized bent-over ass interface and the pointed finger peripheral.)

Come out to the event! Join the Nidhogg tournament, which will be a blast, especially if you don’t know what Nidhogg is. And swing by the office if you want me to take a plaster cast of your lower extremities for my Boong-Ga Boong-Ga cabinet mod.

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