Toronto Fan Expo 2010 Non-Cosplayers Gallery

i’m speaking on a panel Sunday at 12:30 at the Toronto Fan Expo, on the topic of video game development in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). i stopped by today to pick up my badge and to get the lay of the land.

There were plenty of people in costumes, and that’s fine. But you only ever see pictures of people who are dressed up, and you rarely get to see images of the people walking around beside those people. These are the people who hold the cosplayers’ stuff – who adjust their straps and re-adhere the little foam skulls to their papier maché battle axes … the people who help tuck all their bulging bits back into their belaboured spandex confines.

Here, then, is my gallery of non-cosplayers: the unsung actual heroes of any comic book convention.

Toronto Fan Expo Non-Cosplayer

Name: Doug

Dressed as: that guy who works the weekend shift at Subway

Toronto Fan Expo Non-Cosplayer

Name: Laura

Dressed as: girl who runs bi-monthly knitting classes at the community centre

Toronto Fan Expo Non-Cosplayer

Name: Mike

Dressed as: dude who borrowed your Magnum P.I. DVD box set and never gave it back

Toronto Fan Expo Non-Cosplayer

Name: Theresa

Dressed as: that girl in your neighbourhood who ate a beetle that one time when you were in the fourth grade

Toronto Fan Expo Non-Cosplayer

Name: Steve

Dressed as: some guy who f*ckin’ LOVES Yogen Früz

2 thoughts on “Toronto Fan Expo 2010 Non-Cosplayers Gallery

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  2. ???

    I’m one of the guys on the pics and I find this hilarious. It’s a good projection to take pictures of the non-cosplayers to represent the Expo too, maybe I’ll start doing this next year.


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