It’s Going Well

i attended an industry event last night and fielded the same question over and over from my fellow game devs: “Howzit going?” We’re working on a word puzzle/adventure game hybrid called Spellirium. i’m happy to report that by all accounts, it’s going well.

NEW to Spellirium: Introducing the Dictionary Feature

We released a new playable prototype today with a cool Dictionary feature. Head on over to the Rubber Room and give it a shot!

Pictures, as Promised

i’m living out my boyhood fantasy of working at a studio with storyboards and concept art up on the walls. i can die happy. i’d like to share some of that artwork with you today.

Spellirium Barkeep Sketches

Barkeep concept sketches

Spellirium Barkeep Final

The Barkeep

New Newsletter

Newsletter #3 was sent out today to our subscribers. It contains a first look at exclusive artwork that you can’t see anywhere else. It contains concept sketches for one of the game’s main characters, and the design evolution of one of our creatures. Head over to the Spellirium website and sign up for insider access.

The latest newsletter also contains our first Meet the Team featurette:

Meet the Team – Phil Chertok

Spellirium Programmer Phil Chertok

Phil said knock you out.

Phil Chertok is the talent behind the great Spellirium prototypes you’ve been playing. Phil joined Untold Entertainment in late April as our game programmer, and he’s been banging out code like a champ ever since. Every new feature that winds up in the game is thanks to Phil, so … thanks, Phil!

Fun facts about Phil:

  • He’s a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue belt
  • He’s fluent in French and English
  • He’s a two-time competitor in the Toronto 24 Hour Film Challenge
  • He’s a Flash instructor at Ryerson University
  • His highest-scoring word in Spellirium was a solid yellow QUIZ


Sign up for the Spellirium Newsletter to go even deeper into the creative process behind the game. The newsletter contains a first look at exclusive artwork and juicy details about Spellirium that you won’t find anywhere else!

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