Switching to TCAF

We were at TCAF – the Toronto Comic Arts Festival – this past weekend, showing off a new Spellirium prototype, thanks to the generous support of the Hand Eye Society.

The 2010 Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Full Frontal Nerdity (thanks to Paul Forest for the photo)

We ran two different pieces on the monitor. The first was an art reel, with work by three members of the art team (who you’ll meet in future diary entries). The team graciously allowed us to use pieces from their personal portfolios to generate interest and excitement – the team begins work on the actual game art starting today. The second piece was a refresh of the two-headed dragon battle (you may remember playing it?) using the new touch-friendly game mechanic.

Spellirium at TCAF

One more hapless victim falls prey to the impossible prototype.

The difficulty of the two-headed dragon battle was cranked WAY up, but that didn’t stop people from playing and having fun regardless. Only one person at the show actually defeated the creature, and he told me that he actually enters crossword competitions, so he’s obviously some kind of super-human wordie. (If you’re reading this Mr. Super-Human Wordie, add a comment to this post – i’d love to give you props on the website for what you accomplished!) We were really happy with the response we received from passers-by. It wasn’t uncommon for people to stroll by our screen and stop in their tracks, saying “that looks like my kind of game!”

Your Kind of Game

We continue to develop Spellirium based on your excellent feedback. We’ll be rolling out a new build with more monsters to challenge, and at least one environment puzzle to solve. And now that the art team has started in earnest, we’ll have pretty pictures to show off soon. TCAF helped us double our newsletter sign-up list, so the word will get out that we’re building something pretty special. If you’re jacked up about word games, creatures, epic quests, magic and humour, and you haven’t signed up for our newsletter yet, pop over to the Spellirium website and sign up!

And remember that if you’re jonesing for word puzzle games, we’ve got you covered in the meantime. We’ve packed WordGameWorld.com with more word puzzle games than you can shake a stick-like object at.


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7 thoughts on “Switching to TCAF

  1. Chris Harshman

    I love the game now, plus I showed it to my sister who is a Ms. Super-Human Wordie, and at first glance she thought it was just another boggle, then after 1 minutes she really started getting into it.

  2. Joseph Cassano

    I was at TCAF with a friend briefly on the Saturday. We pretty much beelined for the webcomic pavillion, though; I guess we should have wandered around the main setup more. Would’ve been nice to see some of the art side of Spellirium, even if the pieces weren’t for the game itself.

    Oh, I also saw the Torontron in the webcomic pavillion (I played some of Night of the Cephalopods on it actually). I wasn’t expecting it to be there.

    1. Ryan

      Joseph – i keep missing you like the Polkaroo. The art reel at the show was a stop-gap measure for TCAF, since we didn’t have much to crow about. i would feel like a bit of a fraud showing the artists’ other work here, because i don’t want people to confuse it with (as yet non-existant) Spellirium art. i’m going to wait patiently for the art team to crank out some sketches before i introduce them on the blog. It won’t be long!

      BTW, when you were at the show, did you meet Miguel “Night of the Cephalopods” Sternberg? He was there all day Saturday.

  3. Joseph Cassano

    I did not meet him. I guess he was out and about? Again, I wasn’t really checking out the whole of TCAF, and I wouldn’t have expected him to be hanging around the Torontron. Maybe he was, though, and I didn’t see him?

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