Spellirium Prototype 2a

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[kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.untoldentertainment.com/games/spellirium/prototype2a/index.swf” base=”http://www.untoldentertainment.com/games/spellirium/prototype2a/” width=”655″ height=”330″ /]


  1. Click a letter, then click anywhere within that row or column to slide to that position
  2. Click and drag the letters to spell a word
  3. Click and drag adjacent letters to make them swap places
  4. Words can be formed across and down, forwards or backwards.


  • Scrabble scoring is in effect! Rare letters like X and Z have higher point values.
  • Longer words score more points.
  • Words that are a single solid colour earn you a big score multiplier!

3 thoughts on “Spellirium Prototype 2a

  1. Anonymous

    Good wordplay game! The basic idea is very clever! Here are a few suggestions to improve the game:
    * Make the graphics more inviting
    * Put a few Extra options (e.g., Scramble, New Letters,)
    * Include other bonuses

    1. Ryan Henson Creighton

      Thanks! The game has come a LONG way since this early prototype. You’ll be really excited to see the final game!


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