My Review of the Google Nexus One Cellular Telephone

As i mentioned six or seven times, Google gave me a brand new Nexus One phone at the 2010 Game Developers Conference.

Google Nexus One

My phone looked just like this one, except with more fingerprints.

In the very short time i had to use it, here are my impressions:

  1. The case is too slippery. It slides right out of your pocket while you’re riding your bike on the way to buy a sim card for the phone, and the Nexus One is so small and light that you don’t even hear it land on the road.
  2. The Care and Handling manual should encourage new Nexus One owners to zip up their coat pockets, due to the manufacturing flaw with the case (see above). That way, owners won’t feel like such complete dumbasses.
  3. Google should spend more time and money making human beings better people, so that when they find new Nexus One cell phones on the road that slipped from other people’s pockets while they were riding their bikes, they will turn on the phone near a wifi hotspot and see the former owner’s gmail and Google Calendar pleas to return the phone, and they will return the phone. i blame the moral degradation of modern society on the Google.
  • Ring ring!
  • Who’s there?
  • Nobody!
  • Sad face. :(

5 thoughts on “My Review of the Google Nexus One Cellular Telephone

    1. Ryan

      Abraham – that’s what i thought, too, until i read an article talking about how Google beta tested Wave on bicycles. So this obvious lack of QA foresight just boggles the mind.

    1. Ryan

      Mary – i liked what i saw of it, but i didn’t have it long enough to really put it through its paces. The Marketplace looked a lot more amateurish than Apple’s App Store, but i think that’s just because they don’t put that slick gradient overlay on every single icon.


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