Made in Canada AND with Unity: Apollo 11: The Game

Today, we’re combining our Made in Canada and Made with Unity features into one: Made Through Canudity (working title). Decode Entertainment is a Canadian convergent media company that creates kids’ teevee shows and interactive properties. If you own any toddlers like i do (i’m collecting), you’ll recognize a few of their shows: Bo on the GO!, Animal Mechanicals, Franny’s Feet and Super Why!. i’m sure that someone from Decode will pop on here later and correct me, explaining that one of those shows was actually a Canada/France co-production with funding from a Swiss snowmobile manufacturer, and it technically flies under the banner of the parent company DHX Media Ltd., but you know what? Stow it. These nice people have better things to do than to wade through the labyrinth of Canadian content credits.

NASA As They Wanna Be

Decode Interactive, the “digital” arm of the company (don’t get me started) collaborated with NASA to produce Apollo 11: The Game for the iPhone. i have it on good authority that the Decode Interactive team visited the actual sound stage where NASA faked the original moon landing. Think of the game as an advanced Lunar Lander, the one where you have to gently land your rocketship without blowing it up. Except here, you have more true-to-life NASA-esque controls, and “blowing up” is more analgous to “wasting millions of dollars of American taxpayers’ money.”

Apollo 11: The Game

Even if you missed Apollos 1 through 10, it’s not hard to pick up the plot.

The team obviously strove for authenticity to hit a niche audience of NASA-enthusiasts – otherwise, the surface of the moon would have been a little more colourful, and the lander would have been able to fire spiky blue turtle shells to knock out competing lunar landers from other countries. You can’t please everybody, so in trying to please space nuts, the game may alienate players looking for something more candy-coated and fun. But if you are a HAM radio operator, and you used to play with an erector set, and you own Red Dwarf on DVD, this game might be just your speed.

And Now, de Codes from Decode

The title was authored in Unity 3D with the Unity for iPhone add-on. Unity is the little-game-engine-that-could that recently took the piss out of Unreal Engine’s consumer-grade product launch by offering their engine for $FREE. The Decode Interactive team has a number of other Unity-based projects in the works, and they sponsored the first Toronto Unity Users Group meeting earlier this week. If you come out to one of our upcoming UUG Toronto events, be sure to shake hands with these guys – they’re a great resource, and they’re keen to help developers wrap their brains around the Unity 3D technology.

Jean-Guy Niquet, a regular contributor to our conversations here and an erector set fan in his own right (oo-er!), heads up the merry band of Decode Interactive programmers. He’s been kind enough to offer us a batch of FREE CODES for the game – first come, first served. As usual, here’s the drill: the codes are good for YANKEES ONLY. If you DON’T live in God’s America, they’re not going to work for you. (Thanks, Apple!) And if you successfully redeem one of these codes, please let us know – we’ll strike it from the list.

Here are the codes for a FREE copy of Apollo 11: The Game:

  1. RYMAEX3X7N9M – Redeemed by segra!
  2. 4RLEWLX67XEP – Redeemed by Brennon!
  3. 9PPN3FTE6W4T
  4. 9YJL4R4766NE – Redeemed by Abdullah!
  5. XRKJXH4TYPKL – Redeemed by Gabriel!

And if you do give the game a shot, please let us know how you liked it!

Eagle out.

7 thoughts on “Made in Canada AND with Unity: Apollo 11: The Game

  1. Joseph Pasek

    Just wanted to swing by and say thanks for the post, everyone here at the office really appreciate it. :)
    PS Good meeting you at the UUG – nice to put a face with a name. Cheers buddy.


  2. Ryan

    Hey, Joe. It’s my great pleasure to showcase the work of my fellow Canadian developers. i just ran into your co-workers again downtown today … i can really feel the Toronto community starting to grow and gel. Let’s keep at it!


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