Unboxing Unity Game Development Essentials

If you’d like to learn Unity 3D, the hottest 3D game engine going, you have three options:

  1. Forage for tutorials online
  2. Read a book
  3. Jack one of those Matrix tapes into the back of your head and wait fifteen minutes. (Whoa. I know kung fu … and Unity!)

If you’re a bookworm, your choices are currently limited to one book: Unity Game Development Essentials by Will Goldstone (whose name makes me want to earn him as a reward for levelling up my druid paladin character). That’s it: one book.

Since i AM a bookworm, and i tend to learn very well from consolodated sources, and since the Internatz is currently a Wild West of Unity 3D tutorial smatterings, Will’s book looked like a good bet. It arrived at our offices last week. i opened the box. The book has an orange and black cover, with a spine. And some pages.

Unity Game Development Essentials

That’s really all i can say, as i haven’t cracked into it yet. i’m led to believe that the book is essential. But please keep an eye on our Unity Nuub feature for a full review in the very near future, along with a listing of useful online resources that we tapped to create our VERY FIRST FUNCTIONAL UNITY GAME a few short weeks ago.

Here’s a sample chapter of the book to help you decide whether it’s worth the price tag.

And check out this video of an RPG prototype that was made with the Unity 3D engine for more ideas about what you can do with this (now) FREE tool:

(thanks @pperon!)

11 thoughts on “Unboxing Unity Game Development Essentials

  1. willva

    mm hello revolution… i can see why your compairing this to flash, i probably would wait a couple of seconds to download the played lol =) looks awsome, hope you guys get the hang of it soon and be one of the first playable games =) goodluck yeah

    1. Ryan

      Book Burner – care to list the tutorials that helped you the most? (i, for one, had no use for the 3D Platformer tutorial as a first step)

  2. Brennon Williams

    Hey Ryan,

    I ordered the book, and it arrived yesterday. So far I’m ~130 pages through, and it’s not bad. Congrats to Will for making the first Unity book!
    I saw that video a few days ago on youtube, that was you guys?! You really need to make an UntoldEnt spash screen in the video to spread the word.
    I’ve started my 1st Unity game, and so far I’m loving Unity.
    Looking forward to seeing more development and tuts.

  3. Mark

    I don’t believe that was Untold’s game development. Just a link to someone else’s stuff.

    Ryan, how far have you gotten through the book? Brennon, what do you think?

  4. Ryan

    Yeah – i never intended to suggest the sample video was something WE were developing.

    i’m somewhere around chapter 4 of the book. So far, so good.


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