Shooting Our Mouths Off: A Flash Game Design Podcast

Joe Burchett, one of the Flash Game License posse and the most prolific Tweeter i know, rounded up three game devs and yours truly for a podcast. Here are the panelists:

  • Iain Lobb (@iainlobb) – A UK-based freelance Flash game developer, formerly of Bloc Media where he developed Stackopolis, Zwok and Meta4orce.
  • Edmund McMillen – Artsy indie game developer, most famous for Gish and gall bladder surgery.
  • Dan Cook – Developer of microtransaction-based Bunni – How We First Met and author of the extremely well-received Flash Love Letter articles. Not to be confused with this guy:

The topic was ostensibly game design in Flash, but we tended to stray off the yellow brick road and into angry tree territory. In the first bit, Dan and i duked it out with Ed over microtransactions in Flash games. Ed wrote them off as sleazy, and abhorred the fact that typical mt games (Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc) followed a similar pattern of addicting the player before gouging him for real-world cash. Ed said he preferred to take the moral high ground wherever possible, and then regailed us with design tips from his games Cunt and Time Fcuk. Riiiiiiight.

We covered a pile of other interesting topics, including how to hook a player, inspiration, different art styles that no one has explored with video games, and community college game design courses.

i asked Joe, when he was editing, to remove any instance of me sounding like a moron, so i’m not sure if i’m even in the final cut. But Dan is a very clever, well-researched and well-spoken fellow, and some day he will realize that we’re meant to be together and have each other’s babies.

Some day.

i love you, Dan Cook.

Check out the podcast here:

Game Developer’s Radio #05 Flash Game Design

6 thoughts on “Shooting Our Mouths Off: A Flash Game Design Podcast

    1. Ryan

      Yes. Short of wearing eyeglasses, speaking with a British accent is the best way to signal to North Americans that you are intelligent and worth heeding.

  1. Andy Smith

    Hey Ryan, have you seen OMGPop? Specifically their MTX system? It’s worth checking out I dare say. As well, I’m playing Pet Society while listening to the pod cast…

    1. Ryan

      i know OMGPop – their design is faaaabulous. When i went to play, though, there were no people. i was a little miffed that they had done the multiplayer jigsaw puzzle thing EXACTLY the way i pictured it for our Jigsaw! game. Really well-done site though.


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