Enter the Cow

You doubted us. You’ve been following our posts about Interrupting Cow Trivia, our fun online real-time multiplayer trivia game, and in each one we’ve teased the fact that the game will, eventually, contain a cow. We launched the alpha version of the game with no graphics, no cow. And your confidence in us faltered.

Well, oh ye of little faith – feast thine eyes on THIS!

Interrupting Cow

Moo-yah! (That’s like “boo-yah”, except cow-style, because we needed to make an early 00’s slang term even more lame than it already is)

We Need Your Help

Many months ago, we commissioned character artist Kelly Conley to draw a cow for our game. His only direction was to “draw a retarded cow”. After many revisions of cow facial expressions that ranged from inane to confused, and from bewildered to aloof, he finally nailed that elusive retarded cow look that everyone wants but no one can have.

We’ve been sitting on this cow design the whole time, wondering whether or not the world was ready for it – wondering whether society was willing to accept such a free-wheeling but intellectually-challenged bovine. So after much deliberation (and a desperate need for new content now that we’re writing daily posts), we decided to leave the deciding up to you.

If you feel passionately either way about this cow, please indicate on our poll whether you hold this cow character design to be totally Awesome, or udderly N’Awsome:

[poll id=”4″]

As with our previous poll about fake British town names for Kahoots™, your feedback could decide whether this cow becomes the unfortunate face of Interrupting Cow Trivia, or whether it’s back to the (literal) drawing board.

Not Your Father’s Cow?

And if you have played the game but don’t really like it, we don’t really care what you think! Go show the cow to someone who’s into trivia games … your dad, for instance. Yes – please show this cow to your 40+ year old father and ask him what he thinks, because we have a hunch he’s our target audience. You can go back to your tower-defending and zombie-shotgunning once you ask dear old dad to answer our cow poll.

(note: be sure you possess the strength to pry your laptop from your father’s white-knuckled death grip once he starts playing Interrupting Cow Trivia and gets hopelessly hooked, ’cause that’s gonna happen.)


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14 thoughts on “Enter the Cow

  1. Mark

    That cow perfectly fits the bill for “Insane Interrupting Cow Trivia” but it’s not nearly the quality of work that Kelly Conley can accomplish after a quick look at his site. I’m sure he can up the ante a little and undeform that face.

    1. Ryan

      Heh – the cow’s face is not on Kelly. He’s a great designer – i was pushing for that look. i guess i have a larger appetite for the grotesque than John Q. Public.

  2. Helene Vallee

    Liking the mad glint in the cow’s eyes. But just one thing. It’s a she. Guy cows ain’t got no udders. Every non-city kid on the continent found the bulls walking around with udders in “Barnyard” (the movie) more than a little unsettling and gross. So if she’s a she she rocks. If she’s a he, he’s had a badly-gone-wrong sex change. :S

    And “moo-yah” is just about the right amount of dorky to be funny. And Ryan, you’re a lot more entertaining than John Q. Public. Don’t change. :)

  3. Helene Vallee

    Please don’t get up in arms. I wasn’t criticizing or accusing. I love, love, love the cow. Just wanted to help him avoid a train-wreck by giving the cow a male name/voice. That’s all. I’m a fan of Ryan’s, Merve. But I’m also a former country girl and realize city folks don’t know much about actual cows, having witnessed many Disney & co. faux-pas.

  4. Helene Vallee

    Let me know if you need voice-over for the audio-clip, Ryan. I’ve got a pretty good idea how this crazy, all-woman cow would sound. My teens say I use that tone on them all the time! lol.

  5. Ryan

    Yes – leave it to animation companies to lack the guts to paint a good old mother natural barnyard SCHLONG on their bulls. But somehow cow boobies are fine. That’s a double-standard in anthropomorphic cartoon character genitalia rendering if ever i saw one.

    i didn’t see Barnyard (NOT a Disney flick), but i remember reading reviews where critics just threw up their hands and wondered why on God’s ever-loving Earth the boy bovines had teats.

    Don’t worry, Hélène – cows are girls, and this one’s no exception. The game takes place in a diner, so i’m thinking of rendering her as one of those 50’s roller-skating waitresses holding the platter aloft, except she’ll look unnervingly unwholesome and decidedly inappropriate for the 1950’s.

    i didn’t imagine the cow being voiced, but i am intrigued to hear what you’ve come up with regardless! :)

    – Ryan

  6. Michael

    I really really like it except for that lazy eye. I don’t know why that bugs me — I get that it adds to the “retardedness” — but if I cover up either eye the cow looks great :)

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