Jay is Traffic

Big thanks to Jay Is Games, the casual games review site, for featuring Bloat. in their Link Dump Friday feature. Here’s how it helped us:

Jay is Games Traffic Spike

If we used Google AdWords, we could have earned fourteen cents yesterday.

Here is the MochiMedia boost:

Jay is Games Bloat. Spike

Fame is fleeting.

The influx of visitors didn’t do much for the rest of the site. We gained two Twitter followers – Jon Frisby from MrJoy, and State of Play. Our Untold Entertainment RSS feed is still flatlined at zero subscribers since we adopted Feedburner last week. The other games on the site got a tiny smidge more traffic, indicating that people hit each game on the Link Dump Friday feature in succession, and didn’t bother to look around very much.

Still, we’re very happy to have been picked up, and we hope to get noticed again once we add graphics and sound to Interrupting Cow Trivia for the game’s impending launch.

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