Best Ed – Hedge Your Bets!

Hedge Your Bets! is one of two games that we developed (the other one being Crossing Dog) with kids’ teevee producer marblemedia, for 9Story Entertainment‘s cartoon show Best Ed. Hedge Your Bets! is loosely based around an episode where Ed and Miss FluffĂ© the hamster/fortune teller get “stranded” in a small grove of trees in the middle of a populated playground.

marblemedia asked us to create a maze game using assets from 9Story’s repository. Since the show was animated in Flash, all of the assets were .fla files. We had an absolute blast diving into the repo and choosing from so many gorgeous art and animation assets. We had researched mazes a few years back and learned that it’s a fairly simple thing to train an AI player to solve a certain type of maze. Since then, we’ve always wanted to build a maze game where you race an AI player to the exit. This project was our chance to build that exact game!

marblemedia took care of the title screen, HUD and audio assets for the game. Best Ed currently airs on Cartoon Network TOO in the UK, pan-European Cartoon Network, and on ABC in Australia.

(note: the High Scores functionality at the end of the game is tied to the broadcaster, and has been disconnected for this standalone version)

15 thoughts on “Best Ed – Hedge Your Bets!

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  2. Rick Marshall

    Really great job on both of those games. They play great and reflect the series precisely. I was the creator/ director on the show and both your work and Marble Media’s blew me away. Thanks!

    1. Ryan

      Rick Marshall, bringin’ the warm fuzzies! Thanks so much for your warm words. i can’t wait til Best Ed comes to Canada. Great job on the show, Rick. It was very refreshing to see that rare and wonderful case of a show that was accessible to kids while still maintaining an edgy sense of humour that older viewers can enjoy.

      – Ryan


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