Best Ed – Crossing Dog

Crossing Dog is one of two games that we developed (the other one being Hedge Your Bets) with kids’ teevee producer marblemedia, for 9Story Entertainment‘s cartoon show Best Ed. Crossing Dog the game is loosely based around an episode of the same name.

marblemedia asked us to create a Frogger-like game using assets from 9Story’s repository. Since the show was animated in Flash, all of the assets were .fla files. We had an absolute blast diving into the repo and choosing from so many gorgeous art and animation assets. In the Crossing Dog episode, Ed wears a hat, sash and whistle. Since we couldn’t find enough run cycle rotations of Ed in that costume, we dreamed up a scenario where Ed had lost his whistle and can’t stop the cars, so he has to carry each kid safely to the other side of the street. It’s a slightly bent concept that meshes nicely with the off-kilter, Eek! the Cat-style humour of the show.

marblemedia took care of the title screen, HUD and audio assets for the game. Best Ed currently airs on Cartoon Network TOO in the UK, pan-European Cartoon Network, and on ABC in Australia.

(note: the High Scores functionality at the end of the game is tied to the broadcaster, and has been disconnected for this standalone version)

10 thoughts on “Best Ed – Crossing Dog

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  2. Kikei

    I’m curious, how did you get your character to change state based on the direction the mouse was going in? Did you have the different states defined in one MC or swap them over? This is something that boggles me – mouse following, I can do, but not get it to change direction and such.

    1. Ryan

      Kikei – you got it, Pontiac. The character movieclip has all eight directions in it. On every frame, i look at the angle between the mouse and the character’s registration point. Then i think of a compass: if the mouse is North (plus or minus 15 degrees leeway), character faces North. Same deal for the other cardinal directions. And since the character has 8 facing positions, i can point him to the Northeast, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest.

      So it’s not really about which direction the mouse is going in. If each frame is a snapshot, and everything stays still on a frame, i’m just looking at the compass relationship between the mouse pointer and the character.

      – Ryan

    1. Ryan Henson Creighton

      Thanks, Daylyn. The link was available for over a year, but i was just asked by Teletoon Canada to remove it, because they are planning to air the show soon. Once Teletoon posts the game on their site, i will link to it from here.


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