What’s Moo In Interrupting Cow Trivia

Did you see what i did there with that title? It’s supposed to read “what’s new in Interrupting Cow Trivia”, but i replaced the word “new” with the word “moo”, because it’s related to cows, and ICT has a cow theme. And the two words also sound the same. They’re not spelled the same, so it might not make sense when you first read it … but if you read the title out loud, it makes sense. So it’s like a pun, i guess. Hope you caught it, cause i stayed up all night coming up with that title. Here it is one more time:

What’s MOO (<- did you see that? That was it.) In Interrupting Cow Trivia


Milk it, baby.

Our unstoppable (except with bullets) game developer Jeff (ue_jeff) found a break in our current contract to add some HAWT new features to Interrupting Cow Trivia. If you haven’t played the game lately to check them out, check them out:

Interrupting Cow Trivia Multiplayer Rankings

Multiplayer Rankings and XP

Join a multiplayer game and you’ll see a new in-game leaderboard ranking you against the other players. Each question you answer earns you experience points (XP). By some cruel fluke, i don’t rank very highly on this list. Stop laughing.

Interrupting Cow Trivia Player Profile

Player Profiles

Click on your player name in Multiplayer Mode to see the Player Profile. You can see your current XP, and the number of points you need to level up to the next rank. We’re also tracking the number of Challenges you play, the type of trivia you like the most, and your questions seen/questions answered/accuracy stats. We’ve even installed a tiny camera in your shower so we can watch you clean that filthy, filthy body of yours. Oh yeah. That’s it. Clean that body.

Interrupting Cow Trivia Other Player Profile

Other Players’ Profiles

Click on another player’s name to see a similar profile page. The difference here is that you can add other players to, or remove them from, your Friends and Foes lists. We’re piggybacking on the Friends and Foes list in our phpbb membership system, so the same lists you maintain on our Boards are the same lists you see in-game. And they’re the same lists you’ll see in future Untold Entertainment games, so this is a great time to start curating your list of fast friends and bitter rivals for the coming gameplay apocalypse.

But It Still Looks Like Ass

These scoring features were next in our feature queue for ICT. As designed, there are two more crucial (and much more involved) features to build before the game is ready to launch … and then we can follow our previously-posted launch plan (see Cash Cow Part 1 and Cash Cow Part 2).

But the other missing “feature” is, obviously, sound and music. i divided the game’s graphics into three different concerns:

  1. Character design
  2. Background art
  3. User interface

i’m taking care of UI myself (unless you can recommend a good freelance UI artist in Ontario?) A few months ago, i commissioned an artist to design our cow mascot for the game, and i’m excited to show you that design NEXT WEEK OMG PANTS ON FIRE. And the week after THAT, i hope to show you the game’s background art, which is guaranteed to blow a hole in the back of your brain and land me in the slammer for long-distance Internatz MURDER. For realz. Prepare to have your brain exploded.

We’ve also been writing more trivia packs that you Movie and Music fans just HAVE to check out. Keep it glued to THIS BLOG RIGHT HERE to see ICT blossom into the best online multiplayer trivia game on this here planet Earth.


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