Start Me Up – Great Lists of Links for Game Developers

HeyZap start-up honcho Jude Gomila posted this handy list of articles for start-up companies on Twitter. The list was compiled by Douglas de Jager, himself the head of a data mining start-up called BytePlay Limited. (All this is true, as long as my Google-fu remains strong)

Kung Fu Master

i love big lists of articles like this that are grouped by topic! We’ve made a few of our own here on the site:

If you have lists of links that you want to share, leave a comment and i’ll add them to this list!

3 thoughts on “Start Me Up – Great Lists of Links for Game Developers

    1. Ryan

      Thanks, David! i added the Gambrinous post to the list, along with the Flash Game Blogs list. Good suggestion.

      – Ryan


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