Flash MicroTransactions: How Low Can They Go?

Our regular reader RasmusWriedtLarsen (likely an imaginitive pseudonym) commented on our recent article Cash Cow Part 2, suggesting that we sell a 50 cent item in Interrupting Cow Trivia for even less money. i had set the price at 50 cents because i thought that was the lowest possible price you could charge for an in-game item using Flash microtransactions. i quickly realized i had no idea what i was talking about, and resolved to get the straight dope from the people behind three of the newest Flash microtransaction services.

So how micro is micro? This Untold Entertainment InfoFactChart™ shall reveal all:

Lowest possible transactions with different Flash microtransaction services

* The GamerSafe team tells me that at this early stage, they’re constantly experimenting with this amount. While it could theoretically be any number they want, they’re searching for a sweet spot.

** Quoth Jude Gomila of HeyZap: “I’m trying to get this figure down, to lower the barrier to entry….”

And for Mochi’s part, they’re careful to call their service a “virtual currency system”, rather than a microtransaction platform. Wise – because clearly, theirs is the least micro of the three.

Three Services Enter! One Service Leaves!

This is not a post where i’m using stats to pit the three services against each other (though i’m sure i can cook up a few more of those in the future). But if it helps you to plan how you’d like to sell virtual items in your upcoming Flash game, i’m glad we could be of assistance.

7 thoughts on “Flash MicroTransactions: How Low Can They Go?

  1. wazoo

    thanks for sharing and dropping into a nice convenient grid!

    while it’s always a “dicey” move, hopefully a few developers will start posting an (honest) stats page on what the microtransactional system is actually gaining for them…

    1. Ryan

      Wazoo – agreed. i’d like to see a dev’s report apart from the positive marketing spin that the services themselves put on it. The Flash world has too many “i made a million dollars” stories with no one actually making a million dollars.

  2. Merve

    Holy crap, 1/2 a cent!?

    I think that the saddest thing about that is if everybody that played a flash game dropped 1/2 a cent to the devs flash games would be substantially better funded


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